PayPal Not Working - Update 10 Feb 2017

28 September 2016

PayPal has advised that the remaining problem is with our use of an unregistered trading name.  I attempted to register GemWerx with ASIC as a trading name under our proprietary company but it appears that someone else already has a similar name registered.  However, it looks like we may be approved if we use our proprietary company name in our PayPal account.  We're just waiting for PayPal to provide some more clarification.  Hopefully this won't delay sorting out the payment system for GemWerx for much longer.

I have now changed my PayPal account to our ASIC registered company, TI & DJ Wilks Pty Ltd, and have tested GemWerx by purchasing a product with my own Credit Card through PayPal and it has worked fine.  I can't test it with a PayPal account though as I can't use the same one as I use to collect payments. I need to set up a personal account with PayPal using a different bank account and credit card to be able to test it but I suspect it may work.

If there is anything you wish to purchase you can use your Credit Card via PayPal with confidence; we will see your order and your funds being placed in our account and the method of shipping you require.

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