PayPal Not Working

28 September 2016

GemWerx provides a website where friends and associates can upload their products for sale without having to set up and maintain their own website.  In order to ensure that there was no delay in sending payment to them from GemWerx (our PayPal account received the payment) we purchased modules for the website that would allow payments, particularly where an order consisted of multiple vendor products,  to be split and sent off the the vendor without manual intervention.  For these modules to work we had to apply for an AppID from PayPal.  The person at PayPal reviewing the application was concerned that because we were selling gemstone rough that we might not be complying with money laundering requirements that were managed by AUSTRAC.  

As a result they required us to provide a great deal of information which was costly and time consuming to gather.  One of those requirements was to advise whether AUSTRAC considered GemWerx to be a dealer or retailer of gemstones and jewellery.  As a consequence we contacted AUSTRAC and explained the situation and were assured that we were not subject to the AUSTRAC requirements as they dealt only with bullion and coins.

After being assured by AUSTRAC that we were not in conflict with the Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF Act) that they administered we provided that information to PayPal but were eventually informed that we did not comply with their Acceptable Use Policy.  We read that policy and we did not conflict with it any way but it seems PayPal considered that we do so we have requested specific details of how we do not comply.

In the meantime we cannot be sure that the PayPal payment sysem will work properly.  We are investigating Stripe as an alternative if we cannot convice PayPAl to have a change of heart.  Stripe providea a similar capabiltiy.

We apologise for this situation and will try to resolve it as soon as possible but be assured we are not in conflict with the Australian Anti Money Laundering/Counter Terrorism Financing Act (AML/CTF Act) administeded by AUSTRAC.  We are a group of enthuastic hobbyists that share a website to sell product at fair prices that also allows us to pursue our hobby without excessive expense.


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