Gemstones and Rough

Faceted gemstones, cabbed gemstones, facet rough, cabbing rough, and gemstone giftware. We have it all from select gem rough to gemstone giftware.  Our quality product comes from GemWerx and other Vendors and our faceted stones come in various grades from precision cut to native cut that can be used for recutting.

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A round medium colour amethyst suitable for a ring.

Blended Ametrine

4.68 carat, natural, Bolivian blended Ametrine.

Blended Ametrine

3.2 carat, natural, Bolivian blended Ametrine.

Blue Topaz

A striking precision cut blue topaz that will look great as a pendant.

Bolivian Bicolour Amethyst

23.75 carats of flawless bicolour amethyst from Bolivia

Bolivian Bicolour Ametrine

18.2 carats of flawless bicolour ametrine from Bolivia