Flat Wheel

Electroplated (nickel bonded) diamond grinding wheels, with plastic center core. Made with the highest quality diamonds for longer grinding life, clean and faster cutting. Can be used on all conventional grinders made today. All wheels have a 1in. diameter arbor and include bushing to accommodate 3/4in., 5/8in. and 1/2in. arbors.

Preordered items are not held in Australian stocks and can take up to 3 weeks longer than the normal delivery time of items that are in stock.  If you are an Australian buyer this means that it will take the normal Australian delivery time of five days or less plus approximately three weeks.  Internationally it will take the normal 10 days or so normal shipping time plus another three weeks.

GemWerx is able to keep our prices low by not having large financial investments in stock held in our warehouse so if you can wait the extra time you benefit by receiving these lower prices.