Faceted Gemstones

Faceting maximizes the amount of light bouncing around in a transparent gemstone and back out to the viewer giving the gemstone brilliance, fire, and life to the stone. While inclusions in a cabochon can add to its character, in a faceted gem they interrupt the light and decrease the fire of the stone. Color, clarity, cut, and rareness or availabilty all factor in to the value of a faceted gemstone.

To learn more about the physical characteristics of gemstones and how faceted gems are graded visit one of our other websites 'All About Gemstones'.

In most cases the retail value of our gemstones will be calculated using the GemVal online tool.  On occassion this tool is unable to be used and we will price according to our own experience regarding the value of gemstones.  An example of this is a parti-colour sapphire from Central Queensland gemfields; GemVal cannot value this type of stone because of it's mixed colours.  

Wholesale values offered to our manufacturing jewellers, etc, will be calculated on our experience.  In the vast majority of cases our prices will be well below the large Australian wholesalers and retailers for equivalent type and quality gemstones.

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A round medium colour amethyst suitable for a ring.

Blended Ametrine

4.68 carat, natural, Bolivian blended Ametrine.

Blended Ametrine

3.2 carat, natural, Bolivian blended Ametrine.

Blue Topaz

A striking precision cut blue topaz that will look great as a pendant.

Champagne Citrine (6.85 carats)

6.85 carat champagne citrine precision cut at GemWerx.