Bi-colour Citrine

Citrine is rated at 7 on the Moh's Scale of Hardness. Because of its relative hardness and having no particular warnings for care, Citrine can be used for all jewelry purposes.

Bicolour citrine displays yellow on one end of the rough and clear on the other.   Bicolour citrine is a naturally occurring yeoolw and clear bi-color variety that is formed by a unique twin law ("Brazil Law Twinning") where two separate individually colored crystals are intergrown to form an alternating "radiation" pattern of yellow and clear triangles when viewed down the c axis.

Much of the citrine available today is heat treated amethyst, however our citrine is natural, untreated citrine from the Anahi Mine in Bolivia.  The Anahí Mine is the world’s only commercial source of naturally occurring (unheated) Citrine.