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We deal only in natural gemstones and offer the finest quality hand cut gemstones cut by Australian master cutters as well as precision machine cut gems.  To round out our offerings we also offer standard commercial cuts for the more budget conscious and our lower standard native cuts are offered under the 'Faceting Rough' category for those wishing for greater return than can be obtained from standard rough.  Cut quality is clearly marked on the specifications tab of each gemstone detail page.

We also welcome wholesale enquiries from Manufacturing Jewellers, Galleries, Boutiques and Retail outlets or any traders acting as resellers.  Once approved, wholesale members will have their website registration upgraded and will be able to see wholesale prices on eligible items.  

Regular buyers from GemWerx and Lapidary Clubs will be offered membership and will be able to purchase at a 10% discount on retail price.

We will also gradually populate other areas of the website with products such as lapidary supplies, gemstone and general giftware, mineral specimens, etc.

Featured products

Bolivian Amethyst

20.75 carats of flawless dark amethyst from Bolivia
$51.75 incl tax

Bolivian Blended Ametrine

16.55 blended ametrine from Bolivia
$20.75 incl tax

Bolivian Bicolour Ametrine

18.2 carats of flawless bicolour ametrine from Bolivia
$54.75 incl tax

Bolivian Champagne Citrine

42.2 carats of flawless champagne citrine from Bolivia
$31.75 incl tax
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